LRCC provides a Business Plan Support to help prepare you for the start-up, acquisition and/or expansion of your Métis-owned small business in Manitoba.

Business Plan Support - There are two different options for business plan support through LRCC:

  1. The attached "Business Plan Statement of Work" & "Business Plan Checklist" provides an overview of what kinds of information LRCC generally requires for a business plan. Using this document the applicant can attempt to complete their own business plan. LRCC staff can provide feedback on your business plan once you submit it along with your subsequent Grant & Loan Application.
  2. If you do not have the ability to complete a business plan yourself using the template, you have the option of getting an outside consultant involved to assist you. Our Business Support Program may be able to cover up to 75% of this cost through a non-repayable grant. Note that business plans often cost at least $5000.00 total + any applicable taxes. In order to hire an outside consultant you must obtain at least two quotes for the business plan. If you require a referral to qualified consultants, please contact the LRCC office.
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