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Address: 12 Lyall Drive
City: Lockport
Province: Manitoba
Postal Code: R1A 2R1
Phone: 204-228-0046
Description: What is a Joint Venture?

A JV happens when two non-competing companies partner together to access each ones unique company assets and resources to achieve greater sales results.

Another way said is when you have a product or service with proven sales results and offer that product or service to another companies loyal customer list you have a joint venture arrangment.

What is a Joint Venture Broker? JVB

A Certified Professional J.V. Broker brings together an awesome product or service and a massive distribution channel or massive list of customers held in various potential data bases for the purpose of increasing sales and most importantly PROFITS!

The JVB then sets up the strategic alliance and marketing campaign. The entire process takes about 2-4 hours to set-up and up to 30 days to complete and see increased sales results and profits.

To learn more if this is for you feel free to contact me at the phone number or e-mail listed.

Region: Winnipeg
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